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Vital Statistics
Hero Arpenteur
Alias(es) L'Arpenteur
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Public Service
Location France, EU 50° 2' 57.01" N, 1° 25' 3.27" E
Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Team Défenseurs de France
Affiliates Andyman, Black Phoenix, Citizen French, Harfang
Foes N/A
Actions Neighborhood Patrols, Community Outreach
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Mask
Colors Black, White
Symbol N/A
Equipment N/A
Abilities N/A

Arpenteur is a Real Life Superhero operating in France. Arpenteur translates roughly to "Surveyor" in English. He is inactive.


Arpenteur first started in 2009, patrolling the streets around Valenciennes. He then joined the Défenseurs de France in 2010. Much of the work of he does in the Défenseurs de France is community outreach.

Arpenteur's goals for the future include an organization of the various European initiatives of RLSH.


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