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    Beijing Bauhinia
    Beijing Bauhinia
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Beijing Bauhinia
    Alias(es) Beijing Bouhinia (misspelling), 北京紫荊俠
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego Unknown
    Category Public Service
    Location Beijing, Chaoyang, People's Republic of China 40° 4' 44.96" N, 116° 35' 39.34" E
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team None
    Affiliates Bauhinia Heroine (inspiration)
    Foes N/A
    Actions Community Outreach
    Physical Description
    Gender Female
    Outfit Cape (Black), Mask (Blue), Suit (Black)
    Colors Black, Blue
    Symbol N/A
    Equipment N/A
    Abilities N/A
    For other uses of Bauhinia, see Bauhinia (disambiguation)

    Beijing Bauhinia is a Chinese Real Life Superheroine in Beijing. Her outfit is based off of Bauhinia Heroine as she is acknowledged to be a copycat of the Hong Kong RLSH. Beijing Bauhinia's outfit consists of a black skintight suit with a low cut bodice, a short black cape and a blue metallic mask with flowery ornamentation.

    She has given her mission statement as 3 Don't Principles: "不脫、不停、不辜負。"

    In English, it would translate to:

    1. Don't Strip
    2. Don't Stop
    3. Don't Let Down

    She then further elaborates. "Don't Strip" refers to her resolve not to strip off her mask or clothing (possibly as a response to allegations her actions were for the purposes of gaining a career in entertainment). "Don't Stop" refers to not stopping her actions in those in need. Finally, "Don't Let Down" refers to not letting down the good intentions of the public.


    Beijing Bauhinia first appeared on December 22, 2011 online through her personal Weibo page where photos of her posing in her outfit were uploaded announcing that she had arrived. She quickly gained infamy amongst the Chinese netizenry and an initial gathering of an estimated 7,000 fans following her Weibo.

    Beijing Bauhinia then made her first public appearance where she gave out coats and food to elderly vagrants out in the cold.on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2011, and was promptly reported on in the Chinese media. Her second public sighting was on December 26, 2011 where eyewitness accounts report her giving out a coat, some food and 20 RMB in currency to a homeless granny. The eyewitness recalls that due to the thinness of the outfit, the granny repeatedly made concerned inquiries of Beijing Bauhinia's comfort in the cold.

    With the intense attention gained from the initial curiosity over her actions, Beijing Bauhinia's Weibo received over 20,000 followers at the peak of its popularity. After March 2012, there has been no activity on her Weibo and she hasn't made any other public appearances.


    Due to the multiple photos Beijing Bauhinia uploaded herself to her personal pages and the low cut cleavage of her outfit, some Chinese netizens quickly became suspicious of the motives for her altruism as it was possible her acts of charity and the subsequent press attention she received was for the purpose of promoting herself for a career in the entertainment world as a model or actress. Many of the comments on her photos made note of how thin her clothing were and questioned whether the altruistic nature of her deeds required she wear such attention-getting attire.

    News Articles

    This section is a collection of the articles written on Beijing Bauhinia.

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    Chinese Language

    China News article published December 27, 2011


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