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RLSH Wiki:Terms of Service

Revision as of 18:24, 9 January 2021 by Discordia (talk | contribs) (Added bit about public figures, clarified 18 and under note, minor wording changes for clarity)

In order to edit on this wiki you agree:

  • You know enough about Real Life Superheroes that you can make accurate and updated edits.
  • You will only add people who actually do something verifiable, not people who have only made social media accounts. This helps keep the wiki free of LARPers.
  • You will not add people's information or images without their explicit written consent.
    • Public figures are exempt, but be sure to only use publicly accessible information and images in that case.
  • You will be sure to use citations when available. You can do that with <ref>LINK</ref> tags next to each claim.

  • You will not spam.
  • You will not make malicious edits.
  • You will not add people who haven't done any actual verifiable activist work.
  • You will not use this wiki purely for self-promotion.
  • You will not add roleplay characters.
  • You will not add anyone under 18 years of age without their parent's explicit permission for legal/liability reasons.