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|name = Team Justice
|name = Team Justice
|Group = Team Justice
|Group = Team Justice
|Members = [[Artisteroi]], [[Kapes]], [[Lady Hero]], [[Superhero]], [[Symbiote]], [[Crimson Fist]]
|Members = [[Artisteroi]], [[Kapes]], [[Lady Hero]], [[Superhero]], [[Symbiote]], [[Jaguar]], [[Crimson Fist]]
|image = file:TJlogo.jpg
|image = file:TJlogo.jpg
|caption = Team Justice logo
|caption = Team Justice logo

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For other uses of Justice, see Justice (disambiguation)
Team Justice
Team Justice logo
Team Statistics
Group Team Justice
Category Public Service, Non-Profit
Headquarters [[Location::Clearwater, Florida, USA]] 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
Status Disbanded
Team Activity
Leader Master Legend
Members Artisteroi, Kapes, Lady Hero, Superhero, Symbiote, Jaguar, Crimson Fist
Allies TBA
Foes Apathy
Actions Neighborhood patrols, Neighborhood outreach, charity work

Team Justice, Inc is an American group of Real Life Superheroes with a base of operations in Clearwater, Florida. Team Justice is the first recorded official tax-exempt, non-profit organization in the RLSH community. It was founded with the goal of helping others. As Team Justice, they hope to set a world wide example to all people, that helping others is easy and is a group effort not a task for one person.

Membership is centered primarily in Florida and performance-based with emphasis on dedication to patrols, although it is possible to be a member from out of state.

According to team member Artisteroi, Team Justice officially disbanded in early 2019.[1]


Team Justice was first founded by Master Legend, Superhero and Symbiote in 2009.

On January 9th, 2012, the team came across a child with adrenoleukodystrophy who required regular treatment sessions at the Mayo clinic due to his condition. When the child's family discovered that they could not afford a week-long stay at the clinic, the RLSH team stepped up to help. While Kapes set up a donation center routed through the team's PayPal account, Superhero created a video asking for small donations, which was then distributed across Facebook by Artisteroi and Lady Hero. Although the group had only a week to hit their goal of $1200 to cover the family's hotel and food expenses for the family of 6, they raised the money within 4 days. Notably, a number of villains also donated money to the fund. The child was made an honorary member of Team Justice under the name "Power Boy".[2]


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