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|Group = The Guardians
|Group = The Guardians
|status = Inactive
|status = Inactive
|Members = [[Brass Lantern]] (Founding Member), [[Catman]], [[Jarvis Fox]], [[Oracle (Guardians)|Oracle]], [[Tony Grimes]], [[Valor]], [[Wastelander]]<br>== Former Members ==<br>[[Anuk]] (Founding Member), [[Huntress]], [[Templa]]r (Founding Member)
|Members = [[Brass Lantern]] (Founding Member), [[Catman]], [[Jarvis Fox]], [[Oracle (Guardians)|Oracle]], [[Tony Grimes]], [[Valor]], [[Wastelander]]<br>== Former Members ==<br>[[Anuk]] (Founding Member), [[Huntress]], [[Templar]] (Founding Member)
|image = image:Guardians.jpg
|image = image:Guardians.jpg
|caption = The Guardians logo
|caption = The Guardians logo
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|foes =  
|foes =  
|actions =  
|actions =  
|Headquarters = [[:Category:RLSH Groups in Owensboro|Owensboro]], [[:Category:RLSH Groups in Kentucky|KY]], USA
|Headquarters = Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
|Leader = [[Patriot]]}}
|Leader = [[Patriot]]}}

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[[Category:RLSH Groups in Kentucky]]
[[Category:RLSH Groups in Kentucky]]
[[Category:RLSH Groups in Owensboro]]
[[Category:RLSH Groups in Owensboro]]
[[Category:RLSH Directory]]
[[Category:Inactive RLSH Groups]]

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For other uses of Guardians, see Guardians (disambiguation)
The Guardians
The Guardians logo
Team Statistics
Group The Guardians
Category Public Service
Headquarters Owensboro, Kentucky, USA 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
Status Inactive
Team Activity
Leader Patriot
Members Brass Lantern (Founding Member), Catman, Jarvis Fox, Oracle, Tony Grimes, Valor, Wastelander
== Former Members ==
Anuk (Founding Member), Huntress, Templar (Founding Member)

The Guardians was a group of American Real Life Superheroes in Owensboro, Kentucky.

From their Facebook "About" page:

"We are The Guardians, a team of what the media have dubbed as RLSH (Real Life Superheroes), who have banded together, working throughout the Tri-State Area of KY, IN, TN, OH & IL, and further at certain times. Doing everything from crime prevention patrols, helping the homeless, to charity events. Each member brings a certain set of characteristics, and goals that are unique to them as an individual, but helps broaden the team as a whole."


The Guardians were founded by Patriot on June 6th, 2010.

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