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Xtreme Justice League: Mississippi Gulf Coast

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Xtreme Justice League: Mississippi Gulf Coast
Logo of the Xtreme Justice League
Team Statistics
Group Xtreme Justice League: Mississippi Gulf Coast
Category Public Service
Headquarters Mississippi, USA 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader * Blu Falcon
* Impact (Founder, former leader)
Members * Alley Rat
* Crackdown (former)
* Rogue (former)
Allies Xtreme Justice League
Foes Apathy, homelessness
Actions Neighborhood patrols, Homeless Outreach, Public Safety Services, Community Greening

The Xtreme Justice League: Mississippi Gulf Coast is a regional chapter of the Xtreme Justice League.


The chapter was originally founded in December 2016 by Impact.


The chapter has had a rotating roster of part-time members who will assist in some of the larger events and handouts, as well as a smaller full-time roster.

Full-time Members

Blu Falcon

Blu Falcon is the chapter leader for XJL-MGC.

Alley Rat

Alley Rat is a member of the XJL-MGC, with a rich history resulting in many useful skills for the team.

External Links

XJL:MS-CG on Facebook

[Email (Blu Falcon)