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Agent Orange
Agent Orange
Vital Statistics
Villain Agent Orange
Alias(es) TheAgent Orange
Category Real Life Supervillain
Location USA
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Inactive
Villainous Activity
Faction {{{faction}}}
Affiliates The Baroness, Kaptain Blackheart, Golden Don, Professor Plague
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Gas mask, trenchcoat w/ "biohazard" symbols
Agent Orange's symbol
Equipment N/A

Agent Orange is a Real Life Supervillain in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a member of SECTOR III. He appears to be inactive.


An ally of Kaptain Blackheart, Baroness, The Golden Don, and Professor Plague, Agent Orange was primarily known for his illustration skills.

"One doesn’t Become a Villain, One IS a Villain.

It was a short number of years ago when I felt there was an existing title for who I am and what I do. Villainy isn’t a person being Evil. A Villain isn’t a Criminal. It isn’t a person who causes strife simply for the sake of it. The best Villain is intelligent, creative, and has a Vision to challenge, even confuse, but also confront People, Ideas, and Institutions of every sort in ways that are unique and unavoidable - also with a healthy sense of humor, however dark it may be. Sometimes covertly, other times entirely in your face. The tactic depends on the desired reaction. And, there is a time and place for everything. When I realized that I was, in fact, what certain circles may call a Villain, I accepted my mantle and made a promise that I would carry Villainy proudly as the concept and lifestyle apply to Me, and hopefully to inspire others to find their own ways to aspire to a Rich, Creative Villainy, as well.

(The Best Villain isn’t always seen as one.)
" - Agent Orange

External Links

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