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    BASH (Bay Area Superheroes)

    BASH (Bay Area Superheroes)
    image:BASHLOGO (1).png
    BASH Logo
    Team Statistics
    Group BASH (Bay Area Superheroes)
    Category Community Service
    Headquarters Bay Area, California 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
    Status Active
    Team Activity
    Leader ‎ None
    Members Æ, Batman of San Jose, Crimson Fist, Ghost Spider, Glitch, Kraken
    Actions Safety Patrols, Outreach, Disaster Relief

    BASH (Bay Area Superheroes) is a Superhero-themed mutual aid group in the San Francisco Bay Area.


    BASH was officially formed on January 1, 2023; following severe flooding in the Bay Area. Batman of San Jose and Crimson Fist, having previously teamed up on numerous missions, decided to officially launch a new team to assist with future emergency situations. During their first month, the team roster expanded to include members Glitch, Kraken, and Æ. In April of the same year, in response to increasing anti-transgender legislation and rhetoric in the country, they began a partnership with Oakland-based 'Tuff Love Self Defense' to provide free self defense training and personal protection tools to LGBTQ+ people[1]. July of 2023 saw the addition of Ghost Spider, who aided the group providing emergency water during a deadly heat wave [2][3].



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