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    For other uses of Black, see Black (disambiguation)

    {{InfoboxHero |image = Image:Blackhat.jpg |caption = Black Hat |hero = Black Hat |alias = The Black Hat, "BH" |category = Costumed Activist |location = Ottawa, Ontario, Canada |identity = Secret |alterego = NA |status = Inactive |team = Trillium Guards of Ontario |affiliates = Ark Guard, Canadian Justice, Captain Caregiver, Crimson Canuck, Nameless Crusader, Ninja Knight, [[Noxx], Urban Knight |foes = None |actions = Safety walks, Homeless outreach, Lyme Disease fundraising and awareness |gender = Male |outfit = Hat (Black), Mask (Black, grey and red), Sweater (Grey), Vest (Black), Pants (Black), Boots (Black or Tan), Dress or trench coach (Black), Gloves (Black). |colors = Black, Grey, Red, Purple, Green |symbol = The Hat! |equipment = Digital camera, tactical flashlight, personal alarm, utility belt, Zimmer's Apollo Arm Band, monocular, pen/paper, radio communicator. |abilities = First aid & basic CPR, information gathering, server administration (Linux, Windows, BBS, FTP, Web) }}

    Blackhat was a Canadian Real Life Superhero based out of Ottawa, Ontario. He was a member of the Trillium Guards of Ontario.[1] He appears to be inactive.


    Blackhat was born and raised in the capital city of Ottawa, Ontario Canada and became a RLSH in November 2011. [2] The "Bytown Crusader" has described what he does as "community activism" and that it wasn't cosmic rays or a radioactive spider that changed him but inspiration from his fellow citizens.

    He has participated in activities with other RLSH in Ottawa, as well as travelled to assist RLSH in Montreal and Toronto.



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