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Blue Potato
Never Surrender
Vital Statistics
Hero Blue Potato
Alias(es) Jason Vinansky
Identity Public
Alter Ego Jason Vinansky
Category Hunger Fighter
Location Henryville, PA 41° 5' 37.33" N, 75° 14' 28.65" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Affiliates Doctor Motherhart
Foes Famine of the Four Horsemen, (also named Red Famine); Tamerlane
Actions Food Collecting, Food Giving
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Blue long sleeve shirt with the blue potato logo on it, White vest, Black Pants, White and Black finger-less gloves, Blue and White sunglasses, sometimes wears a chain necklace
Colors Blue, White, and Black
Symbol A Blue Potato in a Black Circle
Equipment Nonperishable food items
Abilities Food Collecting, Food Giving
For other uses of Blue, see Blue (disambiguation)

Blue Potato was a Real Life SuperHero in Henryville, Pennsylvania who tried his hardest to fight hunger which he believes is caused by Famine of the Four Horsemen. He was retired, but came back due to a possible growing hunger concern.


Jason Vinansky, Aka, Blue Potato, first made a promise to a Homeless man named Raphael who made him promise to live his life right. Jason Vinansky made that promise and saw what happened to the good people at Red Rock Job Corps. That made Jason Vinansky want to do some good. After failed attempts to become an RLSH, Jason Vinansky found out that he had a mental disability. Determined to not give up, Jason Vinansky got the Idea to fight hunger as Blue Potato. Blue Potato will continue to fight hunger, which is caused by Blue Potato's nemesis, Famine, (or Red Famine as Blue Potato calls the crisis.); one way, or another until Hunger Justice is served by his faith's lord. Blue Potato is "frenemies" with Tamerlane.



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