Blue Sparrow

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Blue Sparrow
Photo by Ian Johnston
Vital Statistics
Hero Blue Sparrow
Alias(es) N/A
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category N/A
Location Seattle, Washington, USA

47° 36' 13.80" N, 122° 19' 48.22" W

Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Faction Pacific Protectorate, Rain City Superhero Movement
Affiliates Phoenix Jones, Pitch Black, Red Dragon
Foes N/A
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Outfit Black leather jacket, blue wig, blue bandanna, black gloves
Colors Black, Blue
Symbol N/A
Equipment N/A
Abilities N/A

Blue Sparrow was a Real Life Superheroine operating in Seattle, Washington. She was a member of the Rain City Superhero Movement and Pacific Protectorate. She appears to be inactive.


Blue Sparrow joined the Rain City Superhero Movement in January 2011, and the Pacific Protectorate the following month in February 2011.


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