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Captain Ozone
Captain Ozone
Vital Statistics
Hero Captain Ozone
Alias(es) Unknown
Identity William Ozone
Alter Ego Unknown
Category Environmental Activist
Location Washington 38° 53' 42.13" N, 77° 2' 11.55" W
Status Retired
Superhero Activity
Team N/A
Affiliates N/A
Foes Oil moguls
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit N/A
Colors N/A
Symbol N/A
Equipment Toilerang
Abilities Time traveling
For other uses of Captain, see Captain (disambiguation)
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Captain Ozone is a caped clean energy crusader from Washington State, who is considered by many to be the most phenomenal environmental activist of all time.  Ozone claims to be from the year 2039 and "traveled a half-century backward in time to save us from an ill-fated future."


Captain Ozone "arrived" in uniform on March 13th, 1989 (a year and a half before Captain Planet premiered on TV) and made subsequent appearances in a syndicated comic strip and televised rock music video from 1989 to 1994.  He also starred in environmental radio, television, and movie theater PSAs throughout the 1990s which made him one of the founding fathers of the "real-life superhero" movement.

Ozone is saving endangered species, promoting clean energy and ecological art, and is also teaching school kids how to create clean energy PSAs that are aired on American and Canadian television.  Ozone also created Eco Art Day (November 24th) and he also organized Green Power Rally in 2010.

With only his toilerang weapon in hand, the masked man's mission is to stop our diabolical oil moguls from starting the apocalyptic Petroleum Wars in the late 2030s.

Will the caped, clean energy crusader help create a global green power infrastructure that will make our nation's energy self-sufficient and prevent World War III?  Watch his film documentary eco-hero Captain Ozone![1]

According to a tongue-in-cheek post on his Facebook page, he retired on March 13, 2019.[2]



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