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    The Conundrum
    The Conundrum
    Vital Statistics
    Hero The Conundrum
    Alias(es) Conor Drums
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Category RLSH
    Location New Jersey, USA 40° 4' 32.66" N, 74° 24' 14.98" W
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team N/A
    Affiliates N/A
    Foes Crime
    Actions Patrol
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit N/A
    Colors Blue, grey
    Symbol N/A
    Equipment N/A
    Abilities Parkour

    Conundrum is a Real Life Superhero based in New Jersey. He appears to be inactive.


    Conundrum took part in, or was planning to take part in, Captain Ozone's Green Power Rally on July 31, 2011.[1] He also appeared in the 2011 HBO documentary, "Superheroes", by Michael Barnett.[2]

    Quote: "I believe that we can turn our 'publicity stunts' into downright 'global action.' All we need is to join hands, and stop the squabbling."



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