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Vital Statistics
Hero Crimsonbat
Alias(es) Crimson
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Crime Fighter Paranormal, Social Activist, Charity Work
Location Penang, Malaysia 5° 24' 23.40" N, 100° 15' 21.27" E
Status Semi-Active
Superhero Activity
Team N/A
Affiliates Unknown
Foes Injustice and bullies
Actions Visiting children, Homeless outreach and handouts, Protecting animals
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit custom armor with 3 layer mask , LED eyes , utility belt, red and black boots , water proof cape , biker gear , fireproof glove, knife resistant inner wear and impact absorbing gauntlet
Colors Crimson
Symbol Bat
Equipment Metal chain, 2 batons
Abilities Street fighting, Detective skills, Paranormal knowledge, People skills, Undercover skills, Acting
For other uses of Crimson, see Crimson (disambiguation)
For other uses of Bat, see Bat (disambiguation)

Crimsonbat is a Real Life SuperHero in Penang, Malaysia.


Crimsonbat states that he started doing this after losing loved ones, being bullied due to his race and beliefs, and his experience of being homeless when he was younger.



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