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Défenseurs de France

Défenseurs de France
Logo of the Défenseurs de France
Team Statistics
Group Défenseurs de France
Category Public Service
Headquarters France 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
Status [[Status::Inactive]]
Team Activity
Leader Blue Smash
Members Andyman, L'Arpenteur, Renégat, Citizen French, Faceless Man, Harfang, Kolt, Le Faucheur, Red Blade, Red Miss, Séraphin, Le Repenti, Avalon
Allies N/A
Foes Apathy, Crime
Actions Neighborhood patrols

Défenseurs de France (DF) is a group of Real Life Superheroes based in France. They are inactive.

Members of the group were listed as Andyman, L'ArpenteurBlue Smash, Citizen French, Faceless Man, Harfang, Kolt, Le Faucheur, RedBlade, Red Miss.

Their mission in the original French:

  1. Protéger les innoce
  2. Servir la population
  3. Combattre l'injustice et l'apathie de notre société

In English, this roughly translates to:

  1. Protect the innocent
  2. Serve the people
  3. Fighting injustice and apathy of our society


According to their Facebook "About" page, the Défenseurs de France were first founded on March 23, 2010.

A Facebook post on November 20, 2018 states that the group are "no longer active."


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