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Vital Statistics
Hero DangerWoman
Alias(es) Danger Woman, the Songbird of Justice
Identity Public
Alter Ego Betsy Goodrich
Category Social Activist
Location Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA 33° 48' 22.38" N, 84° 8' 44.70" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Foes The "Triphobes" - Race-ophobia, Homophobia, and Disable-phobia)
Actions Public performance/awareness events
Physical Description
Gender Female
Colors Blue, silver
Abilities Vocal ability

DangerWoman is a Real life superheroine based in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

"Danger Woman is a singing superheroine who fights for equal civil rights for all races, all sexual orientations and most of all for all disabled people. She uses her karaoke powers to save the world from the evil Triphobes, those who would take away the civil rights of the aforementioned groups."[1]


A woman with high-functioning autism, Betsy Goodrich began doing karaoke all over Atlanta around 1992.[2] DangerWoman's public Facebook page was created on May 25, 2010.[3]

“I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, the disabled, and especially the disabled prisoners of conscience, who’ve been locked up unjustly without a fair trial or hearing and have been denied the right to go to school or have been given a substandard special education. Their only crime was of genetic innocence, born with a disability.”[4]

A film about DangerWoman, entitled "Disabled But Able To Rock! The Danger Woman Story," was made by Blake Myers.[5]



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