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For other uses of Danger, see Danger (disambiguation)
Danger Man
Danger Man
Vital Statistics
Hero Danger Man
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category RLSH Guerilla Marketing
Location Portland, Oregon, USA 45° 31' 12.89" N, 122° 40' 27.10" W
Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Team N/A
Affiliates N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Safety helmet, vest, goggles, gloves, pants
Colors Orange, black, beige
Symbol Stylized "DM" logo in orange/black
Equipment Safety helmet
Abilities Parkour

Danger Man was a real-life superhero based in Portland, Oregon, who "pioneered the field of Superhero-themed Guerilla Marketing."


From his website: "Danger Man is the name I use when I climb the buildings and bridges of my city. I practice the art of Parkour, and I like to leave treasures for those cunning enough to find them."

Danger Man can be seen in the film, "Adventures of Miss Fit," as well as its trailers and gallery[1].


  1. http://www.adventuresofmissfit.com/ Adventures of Miss Fit

External Links

Danger Man Show website


PDF: "The 12 Great Failures of Danger Man"