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For other uses of Doctor, see Doctor (disambiguation)
Doctor Mystery
Pay it Forward, folks!
Vital Statistics
Hero Doctor Mystery
Alias(es) N/A
Identity Public
Alter Ego Travis Leland
Category Community service, homeless relief, safety outreach
Location Lancaster, California 34° 41' 53.18" N, 118° 8' 11.81" W
Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Team (former) California Initiative: SoCal
Affiliates Spectrum, Professor Singularity, NightBug, Rock N Roll, Nyght, Nyghtingale
Foes The causes of poverty and homelessness.
Actions Homeless relief, raising community awareness of safety and crime issues, advocating for poor, homeless and/or disabled.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Black suit and tie, dark blue trenchcoat, black cape, black fedora hat, black mask, goggles, red scarf, black gloves.
Colors Black and Red
Equipment High tech gadgets that are still unrevealed
Abilities Community organization

Doctor Mystery is a Real Life Superhero operating in the Antelope Valley area of southern California.


"If I can just bring a little smile to someone’s face, give them a little bit of hope, that’s what’s the best part of it." - Doctor Mystery [1]

In 2016, Doctor Mystery officially announced his RLSH activities and began to network with other heroes and law enforcement. He instituted a system in which people he helped were given wristbands to remind them to "pay it forward," and that anyone can be a hero to someone else.

In July, 2016, Doctor Mystery was accepted into the ranks of the California Initiative, and attended Project HOPE 2016 in San Diego, at which time he helped with homeless outreach and also went on his first patrol with members of the Xtreme Justice League and the California Initiative.

As a child, Dr. Mystery was inspired by pulp heroes like The Shadow, The Phantom, and The Spider.

On May 20, 2017, due to Facebook's strict profile naming policy, Doctor Mystery was forced to go public with his identity.[2]

On August 22, 2017, Doctor Mystery was officially announced as head of the California Initiative's SoCal branch.[3]

In early 2020, Doctor Mystery went on hiatus, returning for a time in May 2020. His social pages have been quiet since then.[4]


In his civilian life, Travis is a special education teacher, a husband and father, has served in the United States Coast Guard, and worked for years in the independent Pro Wrestling scene.



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