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    Vital Statistics
    Hero Electron
    Alias(es) N/A
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Parker Barnes
    Category Public servant, gadgeteer
    Location La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA 43° 48' 44.22" N, 91° 15' 5.17" W
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team *The Challengers
    *United Earth Hopeforce
    Affiliates Patch Work, Crusader Prime
    Foes Apathy
    Actions Outreach
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Full face mask, goggles, bodysuit,
    Colors White, gold, yellow, black

    Electron is a Real Life Superhero in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He is a former member of The Challengers.


    Electron became active as an RLSH in 2013. On his Facebook page he describes himself as a "Second-generation RLSH and leader of The Challengers: Gold team." Electron participated in the Chicago HOPE event, with members of P.A.T.C.H. and other local RLSH, from 2017-2019.

    In early 2018, he chose to move on from "traditional" RLSH work and focused more on local street performance, founding his group, Happy Misfits Street Circus on March 16th.[1][2]



    External Links

    Electron on Facebook DOWN Jan 28th 2020