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    Entomo, Italsider 2009
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Entomo
    Alias(es) The Insect-Man, Spider Child
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego Unknown
    Category Crimefighter, Activist, Environmentalist
    Location Naples, Italy 40° 50' 9.19" N, 14° 14' 55.56" E
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team Theta Force, I Rivendicatori (Vindicators)
    Affiliates Master Legend, Superhero, Geist, Cuorenero
    Foes Vandalism, Injustice, Pollution
    Actions Neighborhood Patrols
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Gloves (Black), Mask (Black), Suit (Green), Boots (Brown)
    Colors Black, Green
    Symbol Hourglass stylized to look like Greek Sigma symbol (Σ)
    Equipment Unknown
    Abilities Martial Arts (Krav Maga)

    Entomo was a superhero operating in Naples, Italy, and was the founder of both Theta Force and I Rivendicatori. He appears to be inactive.

    Entomo is likely the first recorded Italian Real Life Superhero. He focuses on environmental causes as well as dealing with vandalism in general. His activity has been confirmed and documented by TVs and newspapers. He has been a pivotal figure in the online development of a solid worldwide RLSH community.

    In 2008 he created the very first RLSH team in Italy: Theta Force. Members: Entomo, Dr. Presenza, Wild Panther, Grottesk, Marin. The team disbanded after some months.


    Entomo, The Insect-Man, first debuted as an outfitted patroller on 2nd March, 2007, although he already had an extensive background as an unknown masked activist since May 2003. In 2009, Entomo gained media exposure for his activity as a RLSH watching the streets to stop vandalism and promoting the environmentalist causes. Entomo temporarily retired in 2011, right after having founded the new official Italian RLSH team, I Rivendicatori (Vindicators). He then came out of retirement in May 2012, revamping his superhero persona and mission.


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