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Vital Statistics
Hero Flysect
Alias(es) Void
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Crime Fighter & Activist
Location Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA 41° 4' 47.96" N, 85° 8' 18.97" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates Animal, Silver Wolf
Foes N/A
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Mask (Black & White)
Colors Black, White
Symbol Circle with line running through it
Equipment Body armor, goggles
Abilities Martial Arts

Flysect is a Real Life Superhero who operated in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He works in close relation with the Animal but often alone, doing many patrols and outreach-oriented tasks on a regular basis.


He began using the moniker "Flysect" as early as 2010[1], though at some point he changed his name to "Void." He has recently returned to using his original name.


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