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Gate City Superhero Movement

Gate City Superhero Movement
Crimson Fist and Metadata of the Gate City Superhero Movement
Team Statistics
Group Gate City Superhero Movement
Category Crime Fighting
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, USA 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
Status Disbanded
Team Activity
Leader Crimson Fist
Members Crimson Fist, Metadata, Tha Force, Deadbolt, Weatherman, Hermes, Bird
Allies N/A
Actions Neighborhood Patrols

The Gate City Superhero Movement (GCSM) was a group of Real Life Superheroes based out of the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.[1] Their founder and leader was Crimson Fist, who has since moved on to serve in California. All other members have retired from superheroics as of 2014.


GCSM was formed in April 2013, after Crimson Fist was asked by Phoenix Jones to head up a satellite chapter of the Rain City Superhero Movement (RCSM). The team roster consisted of Crimson Fist, Metadata, Tha Force, Deadbolt, and Weatherman serving as the groups oracle. In addition to superheroes, the team also had two trainers; "Hermes", who taught parkour and movement skills, and "Bird" who taught Kung Fu. By August 2013, the group had left the RCSM umbrella and disbanded shortly after, with Crimson Fist being the sole remaining member.



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