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For other uses of Guardian, see Guardian (disambiguation)
Guardian Shield
Casey Louise Photography
Vital Statistics
Hero Guardian Shield
Alias(es) GS
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Community Super Hero
Location Keizer, Oregon 44° 59' 48.84" N, 123° 1' 35.86" W
Status Semi-Active
Superhero Activity
Team The Community Superheroes
Affiliates Arachnight
Actions Neighborhood Patrols
Physical Description
Gender Male
Colors Red
Symbol Stylized, yellow "GS" logo
Equipment Ballistic shield, tactical flashlight, pepper spray, bad dog spray, utility knife, seatbelt cutter, glass breaker, Taser, polypropylene sword, medical kit[1]
Abilities Military Training (USAF)

Guardian Shield is a Real Life Superhero based in Keizer, Oregon. He is the founder of The Community Superheroes.


Inspired by the superheroes of comic books and the Real Life Super Hero Project of 2006, Guardian Shield became active on January 01, 2015, and began patrolling his community to help keep his fellow neighbors and their property safe and protected.[2] Guardian Shield also took part in community outreach activities and public speaking events.

In May of 2019, he announced he would be stepping away from Guardian Shield activity, perhaps to return, perhaps not.[3]

In July of 2020, he announced he would be coming back in a resource capacity.[4]



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