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    Hawt Flash
    Hawt Flash
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Hawt Flash
    Alias(es) N/A
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Category Public service
    Location San Diego, California, USA 32° 43' 2.71" N, 117° 9' 45.98" W
    Status Active
    Superhero Activity
    Team * Xtreme Justice League
    * X-Faction (former)
    * California Initiative: S.F. (former)
    Affiliates The Grim, Lightfist, Violet Valkyrie, Mr. Xtreme, Fallenboy, Midnight Highwayman, Freedom Fighter, Heavy Hitter, Mdm Moxie
    Foes Apathy
    Actions Patrol, outreach, CERT
    Physical Description
    Gender Non-binary
    Colors Red hawt
    Symbol "HF" in explosion balloon on cape
    Equipment Afro pick, fan
    Abilities CERT, Former P.I., Ham radio operator, de-escalation training, black belt in Kuk Sool Won

    Hawt Flash is a Real life superhero operating in San Diego, California. They a former member of X-Faction and a member of the Xtreme Justice League.


    A former private investigator, Hawt Flash began their superhero career in late 2013 as a member of the California Initiative: San Francisco.

    In 2016, they relocated to San Diego and began patrolling with the Xtreme Justice League. They became officially "patched in" on July 23, 2017.[1]

    In 2020, when Grim left the XJL to form X Faction, Hawt Flash decided to follow him as a dual member, but has since gone back to just the XJL.

    Hawt Flash is the subject of the webcomic series, "The Adventures of Hawt Flash and Solara."[2]



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