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Here is a handy reference guide to editing on the RLSH Wiki!

Terms of Service

In order to edit on this wiki you agree:

  • You know enough about Real Life Superheroes that you can make accurate and updated edits.
  • You will only add people who actually do something verifiable, not people who have only made social media accounts. This helps keep the wiki free of low-quality pages.
  • You will not add people's information or images without their explicit written consent.
    • Public figures are exempt, but be sure to only use publicly accessible information and images in that case.
  • You will be sure to use citations when available. You can do that with <ref>LINK</ref> tags next to each claim.

  • You will not spam.
  • You will not make malicious edits.
  • You will not add people who haven't done any actual verifiable activist work.
  • You will not use this wiki purely for self-promotion.
  • You will not add roleplay characters.
  • You will not add anyone under 18 years of age without their parent's explicit permission for legal/liability reasons.


By creating an account you confirm that you are not 204, you have at no point in time been 204, you are not making an account on behalf of 204 or anyone who has been 204. To the best of your knowledge, information, and belief this account will not make its way into the hands of 204.

Getting Started

Before doing any editing, please look over the TOS above.

When making a new page, please use the appropriate form and read over the instructions carefully. Each form will help guide you into making the page so it looks and works like it should.

If you need help with editing and are having a hard time with the code, check out the MediaWiki Editing page for help.

Creating RLSH and Team Pages

To make a new Hero page: Hero Form

To make a new Team/Group page: Team Form

As of December 2020, there are now various templates for linking social media. Use the code below to add to a page (be sure to use the full link):











  • In the unusual case of multiple established teams or individuals with the same name, they will be numbered in order of citable establishment to avoid confusion. Example: "Team A 1" and "Team A 2".
  • If an established team and an established individual both have the same name, clarification can be done by adding "(Team)" or "(Hero)" after the name, respectively. Example: "B (Team)" and "B (Hero)".


Guides are the newest addition to this wiki. They are meant to give factual, proven information to new and existing RLSH and related activists so they can be more effective and not repeat the mistakes of the previous generations of activists.

Guides need to be factual and provide references wherever possible. If something is really complex (for example, the information on how to do that part of the guide is longer than the actual guide itself), please reference guides elsewhere.


NOTE: These are being phased out. Use Forms instead as they are completed.

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