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Here is a handy reference guide to editing on the RLSH Wiki!


  • Keep everything in the third person, neutral, and objective.
  • Be sure to use citations when available. You can do that with <ref>LINK</ref> tags next to each claim.
  • Only add people who actually do something, not people who have only made social media accounts. This helps keep the wiki free of LARPers.
  • Do not add people's personal information here without their explicit written consent.


Here are some easy copy/paste templates you can use.

New Page Template/Guide




Useful Links

Here are some external links that can help you in your editing.


Guides are the newest addition to this wiki. They are meant to give factual, proven information to new and existing RLSH and related activists so they can be more effective and not repeat the mistakes of the previous generations of activists.

Guides need to be factual and provide references wherever possible. If something is really complex (for example, the information on how to do that part of the guide is longer than the actual guide itself), please reference guides elsewhere.