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This is the code for making a new page. You can paste it underneath the Template for Template:InfoboxHero, Template:InfoboxTeam, or Template:Infobox_event.

{{InfoboxHero|<...>}} (replace with the right Infobox)
{{stub}} if it needs more content or {{OtherUses|WORD}}, WORD being something like Night, Crimson, or Shadow that is used by multiple people)

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is/was a [[Real Life SuperHero]] in [:Category:RLSH in CITY], [:Category:RLSH in STATE].

(History of hero here, refs are like so) <ref>LINK</ref>

<gallery widths="120" spacing="small" captionsize="small">


==External Links==

[[Category:RLSH Directory]]
[[Category:RLSH Profiles]]
(add other relevant categories here)

You do not need to add anything to the References section, as that is automatically filled out by everything in the ref tags.