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    Iron Squadron
    Iron Squadron
    Team Statistics
    Group Iron Squadron
    Headquarters Portland, Oregon 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
    Status Active
    Team Activity
    Members Ace, Knuckles, PixiStyx, Green Swordsman, Ravmjir, Starchild, Willow, Xeno
    Foes Apathy
    Actions Safety patrol, homeless outreach, needle pick-up

    Iron Squadron is a group of Real Life Superheroes in Portland, Oregon. It is an Xtreme Justice League affiliate team.[1]


    Iron Squadron was founded by Ace and Green Swordsman on August 27, 2017.[2]



    External Links

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    KATU News: "Everyday Heroes: Portland's Iron Squadron's mission to help the homeless" by Stuart Tomlinson, 4/5/19

    KOIN News: "Jedi Realism influences these homeless advocates," 4/9/19