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    For other uses of Knight, see Knight (disambiguation)
    Knight Warrior
    Knight Warrior, 2018
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Knight Warrior
    Alias(es) Knight Worrior
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Roger Hayhurst
    Category Crime Fighter
    Location Birkenhead, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom 53° 22' 34.49" N, 3° 2' 21.67" W
    Status On Hiatus
    Superhero Activity
    Team * UKI: Liverpool
    * Justice Union
    Affiliates Lord Mole, Shipwreck, Templar
    Foes Rudeness, incivility, John Prescott
    Actions Breaking up fights, discouraging anti-social behavior, keeping the peace
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Mask, boots (black), gloves (black), cape (blue), hood (blue), Lycra shirt (black & blue)
    Colors Black, Blue
    Knight Warrior's logo, 2018
    Equipment Utility belt, blue riot shield
    Abilities A supernatural desire to make the world a better place

    Knight Warrior is a Real Life Superhero with a base of operations in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. He is the founder and former branch leader of the United Kingdom Initiative: Liverpool. He was also a member of the Justice Union.

    His mission statement as given in his own words:

    My mission is to help keep the streets of Salford as safe as possible for residents and visitors there.

    I also help out the homeless with food and things they need when I can.

    As the needs of Salford change, so will my mission, but I will always have the best interests of the area at heart.


    Knight Warrior became an RLSH starting in 2011 and started patrolling his neighborhood in his custom blue and black Lycra suit.

    2011 Ballot Run

    Knight Warrior declared an intention to run for Mayor of Salford, which was made the news in the British media. However, his bid to raise the deposit money required to run on the ballot failed due to lack of donations, so he was forced to cancel plans to run. Knight Warrior then declared he would run for the Salford and Eccles MP seat at the next general election.[1][2]

    2012 Engagement

    Due to his previous attempt at running for mayor of Salford, when Knight Warrior got engaged to fellow RLSH, Knight Maiden, their engagement was widely reported upon by the British news media.[3]


    In March of 2013, Knight Warrior announced his retirement after having a run-in with some locals who recognized him and decided to test his fighting skill.[4]


    Boomtown was a TV series that aired on BBC3 on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013.[5] The show is set in a fictional town inhabited by characters from around Britain, including Knight Warrior and Knight Maiden. They appeared in Episode 6, which last aired on Mon 23 Sep, 2013.[6]

    Out of Retirement

    On December 19th, 2017, Knight Warrior announced that he was coming out of retirement.[7]

    UKI Summit

    In April of 2018, The UKI Central hosted a meet-up between Lord Mole, Shipwreck of the UKI London, and Knight Warrior.[8]

    UKI Liverpool

    On May 18, 2018, it was announced that Knight Warrior would assume leadership of the new United Kingdom Initiative: Liverpool.[9]

    In early 2019, Knight Warrior stepped down to allow Templar to assume leadership of the Liverpool branch.



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