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    Lord Malignance
    Lord Malignance
    Vital Statistics
    Villain Lord Malignance
    Alias(es) LM
    Category MetaVillain
    Location CO, USA
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Status Inactive
    Villainous Activity
    Faction {{{faction}}}
    Affiliates Octavius Fong
    Foes RLSH, Phantom Zero, Kaptain Blackheart, The Baroness, Professor Plague
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Golden mask, sunglasses, lab coat
    Colors Gold, white, black
    Symbol LMlogo.png
    Equipment N/A

    Lord Malignance is a MetaVillain who operates from his Colorado holdfast.

    From his entry in a MetroNews article about Real Life Supervillains:

    Perhaps the most disciplined practitioner of “Metavillainy”, he speaks of himself in Third Person as “One”. His portrayal of his persona has led him creating a textured fictional existence which includes a headquarters set he has built in his home. His goal is to inspire critical thinking through absurdity and imagination. “Superheroes are trapped in a group self delusion of their own making. Whenever the truth appears, they run from it, like kryptonite,” says Lord Malignance.


    Lord Malignance's Twitter account became active in November of 2009, which appears to coincide with his appearances elsewhere.


    External Links

    Web page



    "Metacosmos," LM's Blogspot

    Facebook - UNAVAILABLE 9/24/2017

    MetroNews article - RETRIEVED 9/24/2017