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Lord Mole
Lord Mole
Vital Statistics
Hero Lord Mole
Alias(es) Lord Mole
Identity Secret
Alter Ego
Category Temporarily-converted RLSV
Location Central United Kingdom 51° 27' 16.39" N, 2° 35' 3.89" W
Status Retired
Superhero Activity
Team United Kingdom/Central Initiative
(Initiative Collective)
Affiliates UKI London, The Nightswatch
Foes Apathy
Actions Outreach
Physical Description
Gender Male
Lord Mole's personalized Initiative logo

Lord Mole is a Real Life Superhero living in the Central United Kingdom. He is the founder of the United Kingdom/Central Initiative, a branch of the Initiative Collective.


After being active as a RLSV for some time, in September of 2016, Mole founded the UKI Central in the Midlands, and often works with other UK-based real-life superheroes.

In April of 2018, The UKI Central hosted a meet-up between Lord Mole, Shipwreck of the UKI London, and Knight Warrior of the Justice Union.

From "I AM MOLE I DIG YOUR PAIN," June 22, 2018:

These are: The Catastrophical Adventures Of Lord Mole (A Villainous Sort) Lord Mole first began taking sponges from generous children at a Car Wash for the Royal National Lifeboats Institute. At that time of course he didn't have a name - just a flying helmet and goggles and gloves. It was advice from Felt and linen Puppet Overlord and Villainous Master of The Roaming Eye of Doom Octavius Fong and the now M.I.A Mystical Do Badness that is Golden Don who helped shape Moles gimmick - The name comes from my previous identity's desire for something solidly British in origin and although Mole coincidentally resembles something from Disney's Atlantis ... he is in fact named for the Character in the archetypically British story The Wind In The Willows. But don't let that fool you. He's a Bloody Minded Megalomaniac intent on destroying the boring world and still looking for Heroes to defend good causes from his villainous plans and who have the gall to think they can stop him.

I was (as far as I know) The UK's Oldest Real Life Super Villain and still am a Charity Fundraiser, Cosplayer and painter. I have been part of the Real Life Super Community since 2010 and I have been lucky enough to have been able to raise money for : The RNLI - Birmingham Children's Hospital - Babylifeline, Supershoes UK and many others. Why do I do it? Because kids love Villains best!! . Now working with The Initiative International because sometimes you have to work against a common enemy. Changing the world - one small good deed at a time.

Retirement: According to a post on the UKIC page, Lord Mole has retired.[1] However, another post on December 26th of 2018 confirms the branch is still up and running,[2] as does subsequent activity on the branch page.



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