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    Master Legend
    Master Legend
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Master Legend
    Alias(es) Steve Vincent, Captain Midnight
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego Unknown
    Category Community Service, Crime Fighting, Social Activist
    Location North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA 34° 46' 10.33" N, 92° 16' 1.54" W
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team Justice Crusaders (founder/leader)
    Team Justice, Inc (founder/former leader)
    Vortex Knights (former)
    Affiliates N/A
    Foes Crime, Homelessness, Injustice
    Actions Community Outreach, Neighborhood Patrols, Political Protests
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Armor (Silver), Mask (Black, Silver), Suit (Black)
    Colors Black, Silver
    Symbol None
    Equipment N/A
    Abilities N/A

    Master Legend is a Real Life Superheroes in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He is also a co-founder of Team Justice, the first non-profit RLSH organization. He is also the co-founder of the Justice Crusaders, an RLSH group that operated out of Orlando, FL.


    Master Legend was born on June 27, 1966. He graduated from John Ehret High School in Marrero, Louisiana in the class of 1982. Master Legend believes his start as an RLSH began at birth but he only took on the mask at the age of 16.

    In 2004, he assisted in relief efforts after Hurricane Charley, for which he (under his civilian identity) was commended by the local sheriff. He first gained national attention as an RLSH in an article published in the 1068/1069 issue of Rolling Stone titled, "The Legend of Master Legend," written by Josh Bearman.[1] The magazine featured a 10-page article about the RLSH subculture in America and focused on Master Legend and his sidekick, The Ace. He is also featured in the 2008 documentary film, "Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero" by Sybil Drew as well as the 2012 french documentary "Deviens Un Super Heros Pour De Vrai". [2]

    "The Legend of Master Legend," a pilot for a dark comedy series based on his life, was produced by Amazon[3]

    In September of 2020, he left Florida. He briefly relocated to Georgia, then New Jersey, before finally settling in North Little Rock, Arkansas in November of 2020, where he was a founding member of the short-lived Vortex Knights.[4] Following the dissolution of that team, he appears to have become inactive.



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