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Motor Mouth
Motor Mouth
Vital Statistics
Hero Motor Mouth
Alias(es) Mark Mouth
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Crime-fighter
Location Oakland, California, USA 37° 48' 16.04" N, 122° 16' 16.88" W
Status Semi-Active
Superhero Activity
Team * Pacific Protectorate (co-founder)
* Nor-Cal Protectorate (Team Captain)
* Black Monday Society(Nor Cal Team Leader)
Affiliates Blackdawg, Citizen Change, Mutinous Angel
Actions Patrol, Outreach
Physical Description
Gender Male
Colors Black, orange, white
Symbol N/A
Equipment Blast knuckles, bullet-resistant vest, misc armor
Abilities Substitute special education teacher[1]

Motor Mouth is a Real Life Superhero based out of Oakland, California. He was Team Captain of the Nor-Cal Protectorate as well as the leader of a local sector of the Black Monday Society.


In his civilian years growing up, Motor Mouth did a lot of volunteering and had a varied life experience due to a great deal of international traveling, exposure to many different types of people, and a wide variety of job types.

Motor Mouth's uneasy youth growing up in San Francisco also contributed to his desire to become an RLSH, as he witnessed various traumatic events such as the being the eyewitness to a friend's death at the age of 13, losing a close female friend to heroin at 19, and being stabbed as well as shot at doing work as a security guard at 23. Being fed up with "hoodlums, thugs, low-lives, and criminals of all types getting away with everything above and under the sun," Motor Mouth became an RLSH in December 2008. He then co-founded the Pacific Protectorate in 2009 with Thanatos before becoming Team Captain of the Nor-Cal Protectorate in the same year.

In 2013, he appeared on Episode 6 of Stan Lee's "Academy of Heroes."[2]

On March 25, 2017, Red Voltage announced Motor Mouth as team leader of a CA sector of the Black Monday Society.[3]

After going inactive for some time, Motor Mouth returned for one patrol with Mutinous Angel on Halloween 2020. He has since reported no activity.



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