Mr. Ravenblade

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Mr. Ravenblade
Mr. Ravenblade
Vital Statistics
Hero Mr. Ravenblade
Alias(es) N/A
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Public Servant
Location Seattle, Washington, USA

47° 36' 13.80" N, 122° 19' 48.22" W

Status Retired
Superhero Activity
Faction The Alternates (ex-member)
Affiliates Agent Null, Zetaman, Apocalypse Meow
Foes Apathy
Actions Safety patrol, charity work
Physical Description
Gender Male
Colors Black
Mr. Ravenblade's logo

Mr. Ravenblade was a Real Life Superhero based in Seattle, Washintgon. He is now retired.


Mr. Ravenblade operated as an RLSH for some time before allegedly retiring in 2013. From his Facebook page:

"I am one of the Real Life Superheroes featured on CNN and other major news outlets as a Real Life Super Hero who actively does safety patrols, works with Charities, and does his best tot make a difference in the world to make it a better place. I currently operating out of the greater Seattle, Wa area and have been active as a RLSH since 1999.

As a Real-life Superhero, Rlsh, or "Real", I hope to find others like me who share the same values and beliefs as I do."

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