Mr. Roboto

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Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto
Vital Statistics
Hero Mr. Roboto
Alias(es) (fka) Flashbang
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Homeless Outreach, Crime Prevention
Location Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Justice Alliance Initiative
Affiliates Impact, Green Sweep
Foes N/A
Actions Homeless Outreach, Police Handouts, Crime Prevention Patrols
Physical Description
Gender Male
Abilities Law enforcement background, mechanic

Mr. Roboto (fka "Flashbang") is a Real Life Superhero in North Carolina, and a member of the Justice Alliance Initiative. He is primarily based out of Chapel Hill.


Mr. Roboto was the second full-time member of the Xtreme Justice League. Aside from running the team's bike-patrol, he acted as Crowd Control and Medic during team patrols.

Mr. Roboto has a background in law enforcement and often acted as the team's researcher for legal matters. He also acted as a mechanic for the team, carrying tools to help stranded civilians fix their bicycles if necessary.


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