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    For other uses of Night, see Night (disambiguation)
    Vital Statistics
    Hero NightBug
    Alias(es) Nate Boeg, Bug, Nate
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Category Public service
    Location Oakland, California, USA 37° 48' 16.04" N, 122° 16' 16.88" W
    Status Active
    Superhero Activity
    Team * CAI: Oakland-East Bay (co-founder)
    * CAI: SF (co-founder)
    * Nor-Cal Protectorate (former)
    Affiliates Rock N Roll (wife), Vector, Shadarko, Draco
    Foes Apathy
    Actions Safety patrol, needle pick-up, outreach, free self-defense instruction, CERT
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Mask (Red)
    Colors Black, Red
    NightBug's personalized Initiative logo
    Equipment Blast knuckles, whistle, first-aid kit
    Abilities Martial artist

    NightBug is a Real Life Superhero operating in Oakland, California. He is a member and co-founder of both the California Initiative: San Francisco and California Initiative: East Bay, two branches of the Initiative Collective.


    Originally a member of the Pacific Protectorate, NightBug left the group in August of 2011.[1] He and his wife, Rock N Roll, were in the process of forming another team when they were contacted by Jack Zero of the New York Initiative, asking if they would be willing to form the basis of a California-based branch of the Initiative. The two soon agreed, founding the California Initiative on August 18, 2011.[2]

    NightBug also co-founded the California Initiative: East Bay with Rock N Roll on June 11, 2017, becoming the third branch of the Initiative to be founded in California. In June of 2018, Aaron Almanza (aka Shadarko) took over leadership of the SF branch in order for NightBug and Rock N Roll to focus on their newly-created Oakland branch. Both still work closely together.

    Along with co-host Impact of the Bay Coast Guardians, NightBug and Rock N Roll also host Heroes 101, a livestreamed show aimed at both RLSH and non-RLSH alike.[3]


    • NightBug originally coined the term "X-Alt," a shortening of the term "Extreme Altruist" - a concept originally brought forth by Andrea Kuszewski as being on the opposite end of the spectrum from a sociopath.[5] "X-Alt" was an attempt at popularizing an alternate term for "real life superhero" for those who did not prefer either the "super" or "hero" portions of the latter term.[6]



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