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    Photo by Peter Tangen
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Nyx
    Alias(es) N/A
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Irene Thomas
    Category N/A
    Location New York, NY, USA 40° 42' 45.82" N, 74° 0' 21.65" W
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team N/A
    Affiliates Phantom Zero (husband)
    Foes N/A
    Actions N/A
    Physical Description
    Gender Female
    Outfit N/A
    Colors Black, Red
    Symbol N/A
    Equipment N/A
    Abilities N/A

    Nyx was a Real life superheroine in New York City. She appears to be inactive.


    Debuting in early 2009, Nyx originally patrolled in Kansas City, Kansas before eventually relocating to the New York area. Nyx appeared in both the 2011 HBO documentary, "Superheroes," and appeared with her husband, Phantom Zero, on the reality series Stan Lee's Academy of Heroes.[1][2]



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