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Olde School
Olde School
Vital Statistics
Hero Olde School
Alias(es) Thomas Strange, Agent Double-Oh-Soul
Identity Public
Alter Ego Thomas Strange
Category Public Service
Location Boston, Massachusetts, USA 42° 21' 36.91" N, 71° 3' 29.85" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Team Boston-Massachusetts Initiative
Tennessee Memphis Initiative(former)
California Initiative: San Francisco(former)
Affiliates The Initiative Collective
Foes Homelessness, apathy
Actions Homeless outreach, Needle pickup
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit White shirt, black tie, fedora
Colors White/black/brown
OldeSchool's personalized Initiative logo
Equipment The "Short Bus"
Abilities Former combat medic

Olde School is a Real Life Superhero operating in Boston, MA. He is the founder of the Boston-Massachusetts Initiative, and a former member of both the Tennessee Memphis Initiative and the California Initiative: San Francisco.


Olde School grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, but began his RLSH career in San Francisco when he joined the California Initiative: San Francisco in late 2011. It was here that he implemented the CAI's successful used needle pickup operations.

In July of 2013 Olde School relocated to Tennessee, where he activated the Tennessee Memphis Initiative.

Olde School returned to his hometown of Boston, MA in April of 2016 to found the Boston-Massachusetts Initiative, leaving the TMI in the capable hands of Andrea "Sweetie Pie" Kilgannon.


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