Pacific Protectorate

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Pacific Protectorate
Logo of the Pacific Protectorate
Team Statistics
Group Pacific Protectorate
Category N/A
Headquarters Pacific Coast of North America
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader Motor Mouth (Nor-Cal Protectorate)
* Motor Mouth (co-founder)
* Thanatos (co-founder)
== Former Members ==
* Eon
* Hellpool
* Kingsnake
* NightBug
Allies Black Monday Society
Foes N/A
Actions N/A

The Pacific Protectorate is a group of North American Real Life Superheroes. It was conceived to be a network of RLSH along the Pacific coast spanning from San Diego, California all the way north to Alaska.


The Pacific Protectorate was originally co-founded by Motor Mouth and Thanatos in 2009.

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