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    RLSH Community in 2020

    2020 was an eventful year for the Real Life SuperHero community. The most notable events that year were the COVID-19 pandemic and how it shaped RLSH activities, as well as the Black Lives Matter and police brutality protests.

    There was also one death.


    Radical and Black Mercer reunited to form the new Liverpool Initiative team.

    Jan 10: Phoenix Jones was arrested on charges of selling drugs.[1]


    Feb 4: Night Watch became a member of the Xtreme Justice League.[2]

    Feb 19: Citizen Tiger became a fully patched-in member of the Xtreme Justice League.[3]


    Bandetta and The Beacon were married.



    May 17: Night Watch retired.[4]

    May 30: Phoenix Jones announced he was out of retirement. [5]


    June 6:Dark Defender announced he had moved to Tennessee [6]

    June 20: Crimson Fist comes out of retirement. [7]


    July 2: Spectral Hawk became a member of the California Initiative: SoCal.[8]

    July 6: Superhero announced he was coming out of retirement. [9]

    July 10th: Portland HOPE 2020 takes place.

    July 18: Superhero passed away. [10]

    July 23: San Diego HOPE 2020 takes place.

    July 23: Mr. Xtreme and The Grim of the Xtreme Justice League announced that they were retiring. [11]


    Aug 8: There was a memorial for Superhero in Florida. Many RLSH were in attendance.[12]

    Aug 21: The Grim announced he was coming back out of retirement. [13]




    Nov 17: MisFits 4 Life raised over $15,000 for St. Jude Childrens Hospital. [14]

    Nov 18: D3V1L became a full member of the New York Initiative. [15]


    Dec 6: Ghostman returns and comes out of retirement.