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RLSH Resource Links

This is a list of sites targeted at the RLSH community.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Store operated by the not-for-profit group, 826NYC , with a tongue-in-cheek approach. There is a physical storefront as well as an online store, which can be visited here.

Citizen app

Formerly named "Vigilante," this is an app that connects citizens with local police department alerts to discourage apathy and encourage accountability. Already in use by several RLSH, currently operating in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit their homepage here

Hero Gear

An online store targeted at RLSH and prospective RLSH run by Michael Jack Brinatte aka RazorHawk. Visit it here.

Hero Links

A site listing the various websites operated by individual RLSH and groups as submitted to the site admin. Visit it here.

Heroes 101

Formerly Heroes 101 Radio, this show, hosted by Initiative members Rock N Roll, and NightBug, as well as Impact from the Bay Coast Guardians, is tailored toward both RLSH and non-RLSH. Visit it here or check out their full list of episodes available on iTunes here.

Knight Owl's RLSH Manual

A beginner's manual to becoming an RLSH as authored by Knight Owl. Initially made available through its own website, which is now defunct; currently published as a Scribd ebook. Read it here, or download here.

Oracle Project

A wiki targeted at information gathering for RLSH, formerly run by Zimmer. here. - Wiki hosting shut down

Project E0N

A Facebook group dedicated to research and construction on a real-life supersuit, a la Iron Man/Batman/etc. Run by E0N and Artisteroi. Visit it here.

RLSH Locator Map

An opt-in map that allows RLSH to add their locations, contact information, and any other details they wish to share. The map is organized by team as well as location. Currently run by Impact. Visit it here.


Created in January 2020, RLSH News is an effort to have news relevant to RLSH all in one place. From the homepage: "A news website and digital magazine about Real Life SuperHeroes and related activists. This news site/magazine will have stuff about solved cases, missions done, opinion articles, exposés, laws that might impact different styles of activism, all that good stuff." Visit it here.

Superhero Foundry

Billing itself as the "world's first superhero training center," The Superhero Foundry[1] opened its doors in Las Vegas in 2016 but closed in May of 2019 due to major overhead. It is scheduled to reopen in Knoxville, TN in 2020. Its Twitter account is still up, but its website and Facebook pages are unavailable as of OCT 10 2020.

Superhero Law

A site operated by a lawyer named Zack Levine who posts articles regarding how the law could apply to superheroes, real life or not. Visit it here.

Superhero Lifestyle

Flash-based site whose primary focus is selling equipment and gear targeted at the RLSH. Visit it here. - UNAVAILABLE APR 11 2017

The Sector

A site operated by several software developers who self-identify as RLSH supporters; they primarily work on projects on demand. Visit it here. - UNAVAILABLE APR 11 2017


Hosts several RLSH-related resources including a digital version of the book, "How to be a Superhero" by Night Rider. This site was created to aggregate various info for the purpose of aiding RLSH patrols. Visit it here - LINK UNAVAILABLE.

World Superhero Registry

One of the first websites that had a registry of the RLSH out there. Visit it here. - UNAVAILABLE DEC 10 2020