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    RLSH Wiki:Terms of Service

    While viewing this website, editing, or submitting any content or account applications at you agree:

    • You know enough about Real Life Superheroes that you can make accurate and updated edits.
    • You will only add people who actually do something verifiable, not people who have only made social media accounts. This helps keep the wiki free of low-quality pages.
    • You will not add people's information or images without their explicit written consent.
      • Public figures are exempt, but be sure to only use publicly accessible information and images in that case.
    • All contributions to RLSH Wiki are considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You still retain any copyright you may have to the original submitted material. However, you can't retract or alter the license for copies of materials submitted; these copies will remain so licensed until they enter the Public Domain when your copyright expires (currently some decades after an author's death).
    • You will be sure to use citations when available. You can do that with <ref>LINK</ref> tags next to each claim.
    • Any material added to an article must be verifiable, sourced, and neutral.
    • A criminal record is a matter of public record, and so it is RLSH Wiki’s policy to include criminal records, cases, and convictions, as relevant, in articles about individuals or groups. This information must be properly cited and must adhere to RLSH Wiki's Terms of Service, which states that any material added to an article must be verifiable, sourced, and neutral. When adding criminal records and cases, editors must provide reliable sources that demonstrate the accuracy of the material. All information must be presented impartially, without any bias or editorializing.

    • You will not spam.
    • You will not make malicious edits or other kinds of submissions.
    • You will not add people who haven't done any actual verifiable activist work.
    • You will not use this wiki purely for self-promotion.
    • You will not add roleplay characters.
    • You will not add anyone under 18 years of age without their parental guardian's explicit permission.

    • We reserve the right to revoke access to anyone found in violation of these terms.


    By creating an account you confirm that you are not 204, you have at no point in time been 204, you are not making an account on behalf of 204 or anyone who has been 204. To the best of your knowledge, information, and belief this account will not make its way into the hands of 204.