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    Rain City Superhero Movement

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    Rain City Superhero Movement
    Members of the Rain City Superhero Movement
    Team Statistics
    Group Rain City Superhero Movement
    Category Crime Fighting
    Headquarters Seattle, Washington, USA 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
    Status Disbanded
    Team Activity
    Leader Phoenix Jones
    Members Blue Sparrow, Boomer, Buster Doe, Catastrophe, El Caballero, Gemini, Green Reaper, The Mantis, No Name, Omega, Penelope, Purple Reign, Thorn, Thunder 88
    Allies N/A
    Foes Crime
    Actions Neighborhood Patrols

    The Rain City Superhero Movement (RCSM) was a group of Real Life Superheroes based out of Seattle, Washington. Their founder and leader was Phoenix Jones, who has retired. The team is now defunct with many RCSM members have also retired or moved on to other local teams.

    RCSM was known for their almost nightly patrols, righting wrongs when possible. According to Jones, RCSM members all had experience in law enforcement, military service, fire fighting or martial arts. Phoenix Jones himself is an MMA fighter with a professional record of 7-3-1.[1]

    Members of the RCSM were outfitted in protective gear, including stab and/or ballistic vests and fireproof suits. Former member Red Dragon carried a bokken on patrol.

    The Rain City Superhero Movement assisted police whenever possible, having a workable understanding of the law.

    In 2022, the podcast Superhero Complex was released, which focuses on Phoenix Jones and the RCSM, as well as the greater Seattle superhero community.


    The group and its members were first noted by local police on July 2011, which was subsequently cited in any ensuing news articles written about either the group or its leader, Phoenix Jones. They routinely patrolled the streets of Seattle in search of crimes being committed and people in need, and have made a number of arrests during their history. Members such as Phoenix Jones, Midnightjack, Red Dragon, and Buster Doe have appeared on various news channels.

    In late 2013, several team members raised concerns regarding theft of property and discrepancies with team finances.[2] On May 29, 2014, Phoenix Jones disbanded the group, claiming it wasn't well-organized and that some of the members even had illegal weapons on hand. The split led to several splinter teams forming, notably ECHO and Knightshift. He reformed the RCSM, this time as a company, complete with insurance provisions and a copyright on both the Phoenix Jones and Rain City Superhero Movement names. The group had chapters in other states besides Washington, and even the U.K.[1].


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