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    Real Life Supervillain

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    Real Life Supervillain (or RLSV) is a term referring to individuals who emerged in response to the Real Life Superheroes movement. A number of RLSV appeared specifically to declare themselves foes of either specific RLSH or the RLSH movement in general. Doing so is considered to "arch," which is RLSV slang for choosing a RLSH as an archenemy. Mirroring the RLSH teams and groups, the RLSV also have their own organizations, such as R.O.A.C.H., The Real Life Legion of Doom (in homage to the fictional DC Comics organization), and the Roaming Eye of Doom. However, just like RLSH, not all RLSV belong to an organization.

    The RLSV mostly make social commentaries on the RLSH movement through use of social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube, as well as internet radio sites like BlogTalk radio. Many RLSV maintain an online presence exclusively. Paradoxically, some of those who do make appearances in real life also do charity work, particularly those who are well-known online.

    Some in the RLSH community see RLSV as actual threats to themselves and their identities. Other RLSH discount the movement as merely roleplayers or cosplayers.[1] [2] Other RLSH treat the RLSV as court jesters - caricatures that provide humorous critique and warning to not take themselves so seriously.[citation needed] How RLSH choose to see RLSV is perhaps less important than how RLSV see themselves and choose to act. Many are ultimately harmless, bearing little in common with the comic book supervillains they emulate, just as some RLSH also do not share similarities with their comic book counterparts. However, just as some RLSH take active part in crime prevention programs, community services, and similar crime-fighting measures, some RLSV - particularly those who have little or no known online presence - do indeed commit crimes.[citation needed]

    It is difficult to pinpoint when the first RLSV appeared. Establishing a timeline is a project of this wiki, wherein dates can be conclusively verified, or at least, have a guess hazarded as to when they become active. Believed among the first is Fantastico, who is mentioned in an article written on one of the early modern RLSH, Terrifica, for his declared opposition to her agenda. Popular knowledge of the RLSV movement was first written of in Canada's Metro newspaper article, Who are the Real Life Super-Villains? co-written by Nadia Fezzani and the RLSV Golden Don. Ms. Fezzani had previously written a book on the subject of serial killers titled, My Serial Killers. The concept was also further popularized in several posts on the science fiction blog, io9.[citation needed]

    Notable Examples

    The Baroness - A founding member of both Eye Station 19 as well as SECTOR III. The Baroness was brought into the Roaming Eye of Doom ( by its leader and founding member, Octavius Fong (, and together with her husband Kaptain Blackheart, The Golden Don and Professor Plague, they founded Eye Station 19. She then went on to become a contributing writer for S.T.A.N.D., a biweekly webmag for real life superheroines. She also edits and puts together all footage for Station 19 and SECTOR III.

    Kaptain Blackheart - One of the founding members of both Eye Station 19 as well as SECTOR III. Kap is a fighter with the mouth of a sailor. He combines he comedic talent with his "people skills" in multiple projects, including his talk show style webshow called "Pure Evil." He has interviewed people like Thanatos Necrium [3], Jack Zero of the New York Initiative as well as Phoenix Jones.

    Golden Don - One of the three main members of the Roaming Eye of Doom, Golden Don borrows the look of Doctor Doom and combines it with the attitude of a mob boss. Golden Don with his associate Kaptain Blackheart have interviewed several notable RLSH on their internet program, amongst these were Phoenix Jones of the Rain City Superhero Movement and Jack Zero of the New York Initiative.[4]

    Dr. Holocaust - a RLSV from Toronto, one of several RLSVs who have adopted the look of a mad scientist with steampunk influences.[5]

    The Potentate - This RLSV appeared as a boss of the organization R.O.A.C.H. With the guise of a smoking head, The Potentate made sincere critiques of the RLSH.[6]

    JCreeper/Joker Perhaps one of the oldest of the RLSV, JC has adopted the guise of DC Comics' The Joker. JC is a member of the Real Life Legion of Doom.[7]

    Lord Malignance - Donning a golden mask and sunglasses, this evil overlord hails from the state of Colorado, and is known for his stinging critiques of both RLSH and RLSV alike.[8]

    Malvado - This early RLSV specializes in controversial criticisms of the RLSH. Malavado had a love of modern electronic music and hails from Gainsville, Florida.

    Rex Velvet - Rex Velvet is famous for calling out Phoenix Jones directly via a well-produced YouTube video. The video is produced by Seattle's Rocket Launch Productions and played by actor Ryan Cory. It is debatable whether or not Rex Velvet can be considered a "real" RLSV. It is suspected that Phoenix Jones may have actually hired Cory and Rocket Launch Productions to "arch" him for publicity sake. Rocket Launch productions bills itself as a social media marketing company.[9]

    For more, go to the main article: Rex Velvet

    Tamerlane - Taking his name from the 15th century Asian steppe lord[10], this RLSV from Miami, Florida seeks to add a dose of reality to the RLSV movement via his critique of the United States government as well as the RLSH. Tamerlane initially came to the scene by accepting Oralando RLSH Master Legend's challenge to fight a villain for charity with Tamerlane's charity being Save the Chimps. The offer was rejected by Master Legend.[11] Tamerlane has also challenged RLSH Phoenix Jones to a game of chess. The offer was declined due to Jones' lack of knowledge of the game. As well as being a R.O.A.C.H. agent, Tamerlane is the leader of the Real Life Legion of Doom. Tamerlane guides 12 other villains in their quest for world domination.

    Der Sturmer - Sturmer is the skeletal guise adopted by this wrestling manager and author of "The Path of Enlightenment through Obedient Servitude."[12] Der Sturmer lives in the state of Ohio.

    Zyklon B - Vice-President of the Legion of Doom and R.O.A.C.H. agent. Named after a poison gas, this likeable yet feared RLSV from North Carolina is additionally known for his commentary on classic horror films and other aspects of fandom. [13]

    Lord Mole - a UK-based RLSV who was a member of the Roaming Eye of Doom and Meye6. Close associates are Verbish and Nurse. He created the now-defunct Gladius Lords of the Arena, a social-networking site devoted to bringing RLSH in contact with RLSV. He ran his own branch of The Initiative Collective for some time, presumably to lure them into a false sense of security before destroying them from within. He has unfortunately retired.

    Lord Kavian Darkain - A long time RLSV, long before he became aware of the RLSH. He claims to be part Human, part Demon, but more human than demon. He is also the leader of an organization called The Demonkings. He is a long time member of the Real Life Legion of Doom. He purposes to be a watcher of sorts, from the shadows. An enigmatic individual ready to impose his two cents when he deems it necessary on anyone, good or bad. He claims to be hated and despised by many of the other Real Life Super Villains he plays his own game, his own way. He is very loyal to the Legion of Doom though, for it was that group that took him in while the others did not.