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The Lion's Sigil
Vital Statistics
Hero Shieldmaiden
Alias(es) Löwenhardt, Neon Shieldmaiden
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Crime Prevention, Forest and Environmental Protection
Location Europe 51° 0' 0.00" N, 10° 0' 0.00" E
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Team The Adamant Legion, Global Altruists Network
Affiliates Arkane, Umbratica, Discordia, Night Raider, Spectral Hawk, The Beacon, Black Mantis
Foes Arsonists, drug dealers, environmental vandals, overall disturbers of peace
Actions Crime prevention patrolling/Neighborhood Watch, Fire Prevention Patrolling (including trash pickups) during summer months. Participates occasionally in Homeless outreach actions.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Outfit Grey hooded sleeveless vest, "Zorro" mask
Colors Grey, black and blue
Symbol A white lion head in profile, crowned with a pale gold crown studded with three cyan jewels over a royal blue background
Equipment Medkit, Staff, Flashlight, Swiss army knife, Zip Ties
Abilities - Recon, First Aid (not CPR though), Patrols, Basic Counseling knowledge, Intimidation, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Stealth Skills, Staff/melee weapon combat, Martial Arts training, Scrapheap engineering, Armor Designing, Basic leatherwork, Bushcraft, Some occult knowledge in various areas

Shieldmaiden is a Real Life SuperHero in western Europe. She is also the founder of the Adamant Legion (together with Arkane) and a former Administrator of the International Hero Cooperative.


Having started up in 2006/07 as an Oracle to an independent costumed vigilante in Northern Minessota, the Shieldmaiden took it to the streets herself in late 2007 and has been patroling ever since, despite the semi-nomadic lifestyle she leads.

In 2019 she took upon the name of Shieldmaiden since her alternate name was unpronounceable to non-German speakers at the same time that she overhauled her whole persona after a personal incident that deeply marked her.

From 2016 until 2019, the Shieldmaiden was frequently spotted wearing a knee-lengthened brown hooded archer cape with a grey tunic and knee lengthened boots without any visible logo.

During 2019-2020, she changed her outfit to a grey hooded sleeveless vest and a "Zorro" masque or a grey camouflage bandanna protecting her lower face as a "Grey Man" patrol outfit which became her main patrol outfit.



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