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Spectral Hawk
Spectral Hawk
Vital Statistics
Hero Spectral Hawk
Alias(es) Seth Hawks
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Charity, Various forms of outreach, Cyber Crime Prevention
Location Irvine, California, USA 33° 41' 8.51" N, 117° 49' 33.54" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Team International Hero Cooperative (founder)
California Initiative: SoCal
New York Initiative
Affiliates Doctor Mystery, The Beacon, Shieldmaiden, Black Mantis
Foes Apathy, criminals, impoverishment, injustice
Actions Cyber crime reporting, Outreach patrols and community service, Charity, Safety Patrols
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Tactical boots and pants. Compression shirt, Level IIIA bullet-resistant armor, custom mask
Colors Red, Black
Symbol A self-designed rendition of a hawk
Equipment First aid, legal carry stun gun and pepper spray, flashlight, armor
Abilities The ability to help others in need. First aid and CPR certified
For other uses of Hawk, see Hawk (disambiguation)

Spectral Hawk is a Real Life SuperHero in Irvine, California. He is the founder of the International Hero Cooperative and a member of the California Initiative: SoCal.


Spectral Hawk started out doing only grey man safety and outreach patrols in the fall of 2018 at UC Berkeley (which primarily involved handouts to the homeless). At this time, he did not have a suit or a name, just the intention.

A few months later, he thought it would be interesting to take on the iconography of a "superhero." Soon after, he discovered the RLSH movement.

After leaving Berkeley due to unfortunate circumstances, the idea of "Spectral Hawk" was born out of a dream.

In June of 2019, Spectral Hawk founded the International Hero Cooperative, a central hub for RLSH and a place to organize charity/outreach.[1] He has also worked on many cybercrime cases and plans to continue charity work as well as crime prevention work.

On July 2, 2020, Spectral hawk was announced as a member of the California Initiative: SoCal[2], a branch of The Initiative Collective.



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