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Superbarrio Gómez
Photo Courtesy of Bob Jaroc
Vital Statistics
Hero Superbarrio Gómez
Alias(es) Superbarrio, Super Barrio
Identity Public (Unconfirmed)
Alter Ego Marco Rascón Córdova (Unconfirmed)
Category Social Activist
Location Mexico City (Ciudad de México), Mexico 19° 16' 0.20" N, 99° 7' 37.05" W
Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Team Super Amigos
Affiliates Ecologistica Universal, Fray Tormenta, Super Animal, Super Gay
Foes Crime, Corruption, Injustice, Slum Lords
Actions Civil Petitions, Labor Rallies, Political Protests
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Logoed Shirt (Red & Yellow), Tights (Red), Wrestler's Mask (Red, Yellow)
Colors Red, Yellow
Symbol The letters "SB" in a pentagonal shield
Equipment Unknown
Abilities Unknown
For other uses of Super, see Super (disambiguation)

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Superbarrio Gómez (Super Barrio) is a Mexican Real Life Superhero based in Mexico City who uses non-violent means to fight crime and corruption with protests, civil disobedience and political action. He wears a red and yellow wrestler's mask in the tradition of the luchadores complete with a red and yellow suit and cape emblazoned with a "SB" in a pentagon-shaped shield.


Debuting in 1987, Super Barrio is one of the first modern-day Real Life Superheroes and Luchador Social.

Real Identity

Reports on Superbarrio Gómez's true identity conflict. Wikipedia lists Marco Rascón Córdova as the man behind the mask but a recent animation posted on BoingBoing.net outright states that Marco Rascón Córdova is only the developer of the superhero but not the man behind the mask whose identity is still unknown:

We're told that a man named Marco Rascón Córdova developed the character and organized the events at which he became famous throughout Mexico, but that the actual guy in the Superbarrio suit is someone else -- someone whose name is kept a closely guarded secret.


Superbarrio has been written about in the news media and books. He has made appearances in documentaries and comic books as well. His most recent appearance is in a cartoon produced by Bob Jaroc and Andy Ward where he was voiced by Marco Rascón Córdova, which was posted on BoingBoing.net on February 2009 with the following description:

Here's something that makes this animated short particularly special, and an odd kind of documentary/fantasy: Jaroc says the characters are voiced by Marco Rascón Córdova and the anonymous guy who plays the role of Superbarrio in real life. So, we're hearing the voices of Superbarrio's creator and Superbarrio himself.

Prior to this, Superbarrio had not been heard from since 2007.


Photographs and media related to Superbarrio.

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