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    Superheroes (HBO Documentary)

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    Superheroes is a 82 minute documentary directed by Michael Barnett and produced by Theodore James. The film premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival on January 21, 2011[1] [2] before premiering on HBO as part of its Documentary Summer Series on August 8, 2011.

    The film itself introduces the Real Life Superhero movement by interviewing and following several RLSH who serve as the main subjects with cameos from other RLSHs. The art direction of the film heavily relies on the comic book motif, evoking the imagery of a comic panel with text in the film lettered as if they were dialogue or narrative text boxes in a comic book and 2D animated transitions that render the footage into animated comics.

    The RLSH featured in the film's synopsis as listed on the HBO Website are: Apocalypse Meow, Life, Master Legend, Mr. Xtreme and Zimmer.[3]

    File:Superheroes HBO Trailer
    Trailer for HBO's Superheroes (2011)

    Other notable cameos and mentions include Amazonia, Black Monday Society, Dark Guardian, Insignis, New York Initiative, Peter Tangen as consulting producer, Superhero, Symbiote, Team Justice, Inc, Thanatos, The Eye, TSAF, Vigilante Spider, Xtreme Justice League, Z and Zetaman. The film also interviews and portrays the attitudes members of the local police departments have toward the RLSH.

    This film was likely a contributing factor to the heightened media profile of the RLSH movement in 2011, as there was an increase in news articles on different RLSH in various parts of the world.


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