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    Sweetie Pie
    Sweetie Pie
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Sweetie Pie
    Alias(es) N/A
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Andrea Kilgannon
    Category Public Service
    Location Memphis, Tennessee, USA 35° 8' 45.69" N, 90° 3' 6.35" W
    Status Active
    Superhero Activity
    Team None
    Foes Homelessness, apathy
    Actions Homeless outreach, Needle pickup
    Physical Description
    Gender Neutral
    Outfit N/A
    Colors N/A
    Symbol N/A

    Sweetie Pie is a Real Life Superhero living in Memphis, TN.


    Andrea assumed leadership responsibilities for the Tennessee Memphis Initiative branch shortly before Olde School left for Boston in April of 2016 to found the Boston-Massachusetts Initiative. Their efforts in the community of Memphis included food and clothing distribution, used needle pickup, and community outreach.

    Andrea left The Initiative Collective in May of 2022.


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