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The Black Monday Society

For other uses of Black, see Black (disambiguation)
Black Monday Society
Logo for the Black Monday Society
Team Statistics
Group Black Monday Society
Category Public Service
Headquarters [[Location::Salt Lake City, UT, USA]] 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
Status Inactive
Team Activity
Leader Red Voltage (Utah)
Voodoo ("Blood Sector," Missouri)
Motor Mouth (Nor-Cal)
Members Asylum, Dollface, FlameWing, Fool King, Ghost, HellHawk, IronHead, Krom, LunarWolf, Nihilist, Oni, Professor Midnight, Renegade
Allies N/A
Foes Apathy, Crime
Actions Neighborhood patrols

The Black Monday Society (BMS) was an American group of Real Life Superheroes with the main branch headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. They patrolled the streets looking to do good and help the community.


The group was first established by Dave Montgomery and Ghost in 2006. The group formed due to a commonality of troubled pasts shared by the members who were looking to better the world and themselves in the process. The name for the Black Monday Society was chosen to express the hopelessness many people feel on the first working day of the week. Members of the group stress that they are not vigilantes and will not respond to potential recruits who appear to be pursuing this path.

The BMS was featured in the 2011 HBO documentary "Superheroes," by Michael Barnett.[1] They can also be seen in the docu-series "Adventures of Miss Fit."[2]

The Salt Lake City chapter went inactive in 2013 for a time, before experiencing a resurgence in 2017. Dave Montgomery founded a new group of RLSH known as The DoomWatch Patrol, led by FlameWing and HellHawk.



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