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    The Community Heroes Initiative

    The Community Heroes Initiative
    File:Community Heroes Initiative Logo 2019.jpg
    Logo as of 2019
    Team Statistics
    Group The Community Heroes Initiative
    Category Community Outreach
    Headquarters Dallas, Texas 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
    Status Active
    Team Activity
    Leader Justice Johnson, Army Brat, Earths Guardian
    Members Justice Johnson, Army Brat, Earths Guardian
    Allies Xtreme Justice League
    Foes -
    Actions Community Alleviation/Assistance, Community Gardens & Fridges
    For other uses of Community, see Community (disambiguation)
    For other uses of Initiative, see Initiative (disambiguation)

    The Community Heroes Initiative is a Real Life SuperHero team in Dallas, Texas. They are community-focused and work with other community organizers like their handouts in Denton or the other charities like Feed My Starving Children.


    The The Community Heroes Initiative started on the first gathering and preparation for a mission on August 18, 2018. They had at first used the name "The Initiative", but later changed to their current name after realizing that the team name was still in active use.



    External Links

    Facebook Instagram

    The Community Heroes Initiative (Mini Documentary) on YouTube